Christine McCarthy Hand Coloured Lino Prints

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About the Artist

My diploma from the South Australian School of Art says Fine Art Painting, but it was printmaking classes with Barbara Hanrahan in the mid-70’s that really excited my imagination and determined the genre I’ve worked in since.

The method I use is to carve an image into lino then roll black ink over it. Then I cover the lino block with paper and roll it through a printing press, transferring the image onto the paper, like a stamp. From a single block I produce an edition of 20 prints, which I then paint individually with gouache.

Since art school I’ve been influenced by some great artists, whose techniques and work I still love. French master Matisse and Japanese woodblock artist Hiroshige are two significant inspirations. I was fortunate to work with Ruth Tuck at her art school in Adelaide, before becoming a co-director when she retired.

Over and above those artists, my greatest inspiration has been Nature: the line and texture of plant forms, the juxtaposition of vegetation and built structures, the decorative aspects of the environment. And living both in the city and on the coast of southern Yorke Peninsula, I have plenty of opportunities to contemplate such aspects.

Recently I’ve ventured into human figures, adding another dimension whilst remaining within the realms of Nature.

Throughout the course of my career I’ve exhibited at numerous galleries and venues around Australia and twice in Japan.  I’d love to see you at my exhibitions, otherwise I can be contacted directly by email (see Contact)



Christine McCarthy